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Fine Art Lamps Beekman Place Outdoor Lantern 9187564382ST

Fine Art Lamps Beekman Place Outdoor Lantern 9187564382ST

Item#: 9187564382ST

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Overall Dimensions: 50" in height, 17" in width,

Accomodates: (5 x B-10) Incandescent 60 bulb(s)



Brand: Manufactured by Fine Art Lamps

Style: Matches Décor



Height: 50"

Width Diameter: 17"



Number of Bulbs:5 x B-10

Bulb Type: Incandescent

Wattage: 60


Additional Info

Product Category: Hanging Lanterns / Pendants


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Item Discontinued.

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About This Manufacturer
Manufacturer Info: Spawned out of a family of glass makers, Fine Art Lamps was founded in 1940 when Jack Blumberg gathered the finest sculptors, decorative artists and designers to fulfill a collective vision of creating the premiere lighting manufacturer in the world. Operating out of New York since their inception, the company was passed along to Jack’s son Max in 1965. Fine Art Lamps holds itself to a high artistic standard which has been awarded with the ART manufacturer of the year award nine times and awarded a spot in the ART hall of fame. In total, Fine Art Lamps represents the vision of over 700 designers, craftsmen, associates and artists working together in five plants around the world to create something unique. What’s new in 2011 at Fine Arts Lamps are six different styles. The Candlelight 21st Century is comprised of six pieces, pendants and chandeliers mostly presented in bronze with traditional features and lighted candles. Crystal Enchantment is 13 pieces ornately crafted with crystal utilized heavily in all their pendants and wall sconces. Villa Vista is the most old-world Spanish of the group, lets the owner feel as if a conquistador in one’s own home. These are just a few of the abundance of fixtures offered for whatever purpose necessary such as outdoor hanging lights or table lamps.

Manufacturer Part Number(s): 564382st