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Tech Lighting (700FJR3) FreeJack Round Canopy 3-port

Tech Lighting (700FJR3) FreeJack Round Canopy 3-port
Tech Lighting (700FJR3) FreeJack Round Canopy 3-port
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Item#: 700FJR3

Mounts to a standard 4" junction box with round plaster ring (provided by electrician). Available in two styles. 3-port canopy has electronic transformers inside 12" diameter housing. 5-port canopy has elecronic transformers inside 16" diameter housing. Three or five FreeJack ports: for ceiling only.


Overall Dimensions: 1.7" in height, 12" in width, 12" in length,

Accomodates:Not ApplicableW Max bulb(s)



UL listed for ETL locations

Brand: Manufactured by Tech Lighting

Collection: From the FreeJack Collection



Height: 1.7"

Width Diameter: 12"

Length: 12"



Wattage: Not ApplicableW Max

Voltage: 120V Input / 12V Output


Additional Info

Product Category: Parts & Hardware

UL listed for: ETL Locations

Collection: FreeJack

UPC Number: #0756460872540

Weight: 6 pounds


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Item Discontinued.

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About This Manufacturer
Manufacturer Info: Residential & Commercial Lighting Industry leaders, Tech Lighting, for the last 25 years we have expanded well beyond their original roots. Initially Tech Lighting has solely focused on low-voltage lighting systems and contemporary decorative fixtures. Today, Tech Lighting's portfolio transcends specific aesthetic and categorical definitions. Rooted in innovative, original design and uncompromising quality across a myriad of lighting solutions, Tech Lighting has gained broad recognition on the architectural business side. Balancing an absolute passion in every design detail, as well as a deep concern for fixture illumination.

700FJR3B [Black, 120v Input / 12v Output], 700FJR3C [Chrome, 120v Input / 12v Output], 700FJR3S [Satin Nickel, 120v Input / 12v Output], 700FJR3W [White, 120v Input / 12v Output], 700FJR3Z [Antique Bronze, 120v Input / 12v Output], 700FJR3B277 [Black, 277v Input / 12v Output], 700FJR3B-LED [Black, 120v Input / 12v Output for LED], 700FJR3C277 [Chrome, 277v Input / 12v Output], 700FJR3C-LED [Chrome, 120v Input / 12v Output for LED], 700FJR3S277 [Satin Nickel, 277v Input / 12v Output], 700FJR3S-LED [Satin Nickel, 120v Input / 12v Output for LED], 700FJR3W277 [White, 277v Input / 12v Output], 700FJR3W-LED [White, 120v Input / 12v Output for LED], 700FJR3Z277 [Antique Bronze, 277v Input / 12v Output], 700FJR3Z-LED [Antique Bronze, 120v Input / 12v Output for LED], 700FJR3B-LED277 [Black, 277v Input / 12v Output], 700FJR3C-LED277 [Chrome, 277v Input / 12v Output], 700FJR3S-LED277 [Satin Nickel, 277v Input / 12v Output], 700FJR3W-LED277 [White, 277v Input / 12v Output], 700FJR3Z-LED277 [Antique Bronze, 277v Input / 12v Output]

Manufacturer Part Number(s): #700FJR3B