When it comes to wall lighting, there are several types of fixtures to choose from: wall sconce lights, picture lights, and swing arm wall lamps. Wall sconces are the most commonly used fixture in a home. From outdoor sconces to bath vantiy lights, they are an integral part of lighting design for a home.
Picture lights can be added near works of art like paintings, pictures or even sculptures. They can be adjusted to shine light in a specific area. They are small and come in a variety of different styles and finishes that can match your color palette and theme. They are extremely useful for showcasing your art collection and displaying your personal tastes in art.
Swing arm wall lamps are generally used in a bedroom as a bedside reading lamp. These lights can be adjusted by its extendable arm or swivel arm that allows you to move the light and focus it on places that need illumination. They may be used for work spaces as well. As mentioned, the ideal placement is next to the bed above a night stand because it allows you to read without disturbing your partner.